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Scrap Metal Melbourne Western Suburbs

We offer scrap metal pick up western suburbs Melbourne for a range of materials. Our service is free metal pick up Melbourne and we can ensure a reliable and prompt process. Furthermore our scrap metal pick up western suburbs Melbourne service has been in operation for years to which, you can come online and book a free metal pick up Melbourne.

As one of the many scrap metal dealers western suburbs Melbourne, Chris the business owner has been in the scrap metal removal Melbourne business for over 10 years now. Metals prices do remain stable to which, scrap metal dealers western suburbs Melbourne can offer you the best alternative to your scrap metal removal Melbourne

Awesome Facts

Steel is the most recycled material, on the planet. It can be recycled infinitely without deteriorating whilst recycling steel consumes more than 50% less energy than to manufacture original steel from iron ore. It is assumed that most steel products consist of some recycled steel.

Our Work Process

We follow proper safe practices and procedures to ensure we can provide the best possible services and support.


You first call us to assess all of your requirements for metal waste

Pick Up

We then come past within 3 workings days to remove all metal waste.


The final process involves disposal to registered entities in metal waste.

Why Choose Us

Quick Pick Up

We will endeavour to come on site and pick up any metal withing 48 hours of request.

Large Range

We can pick up a variety of metal waste so please review our entire inventory in services.

Free of Charge

We will not issue any costs with the pick as metal waste

Frequently Asked Questions

We will endeavour to respond to your request within 24-48 hours and will aim to have your metal waste picked up, with 3 working days as well.

No, our metal waste pick up services are completely free, as long as the items are compliant with the metal waste requirements and condition.

Yes, we can accommodate all metal waste pick up requests as long as they are within Melbourne’s North/Western Region.

No, by law and as we are not aligned with local government, all metal waste for pick up must be on you property. Please consult your local council for further guidance on this matter.

Any condition as long as there is no over corrosion or rust present on the metal waste.

Yes, we can collect rubbish and green waste however, there will be charges associated with this service.